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Invad-Ed chapter 5
Chapter 5: Saturday’s a Day for Play
Thankfully, nothing out of the ordinary happened for the rest of that day. The next thing the Eds knew, the final bell had rung, and they were free for the whole weekend. They spent the rest of the day continuing work on their Ice Hotel without any interruptions.
Well, almost without any interruptions. Eddy kept his complaining to a minimum (he only grumbled the occasional “stupid blackmail”), but Ed wouldn’t stop whining. He wanted to find the green puppy again. Finally, Eddy and Double D got tired of Ed’s protests, and they put him in charge of coming up with ideas for the statues that were to be placed inside the hotel. At least this kept him occupied.
What they didn’t know was this: the whole time they were working, a pair of fake light purple eyes was watching their every move…
Finally, as the sun was setting, the three boys left their gigantic work of art; they would come back to it tom
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Invad-Ed chapter 3
Chapter 3: Lunch Conversations
Even though one of Eddy’s favorite games was “Let’s Torture the New Kid,” he didn’t want to risk Double D quitting the Ice Hotel scam. So, he begrudgingly didn’t do anything else to Zim throughout the remainder of his classes. However, that did not stop him from noticing some strange things about Zim. Mainly, in History class.
Throughout the whole class, Zim kept asking strange questions, such as how prepared Earth would be against, say, a full-on alien invasion. Of course, the teacher didn’t take any of the questions seriously, and they earned Zim some weird looks from the other students, especially Kevin and the Kanker sisters.
Eddy also noticed that Zim acted strangely around Ed. Whenever everyone was roaming the halls between classes, Eddy noticed that Zim would follow Ed everywhere. Then, when most of the children were gone from the halls, Zim would look around, to confirm nobody was around, then get
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Invad-Ed Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The New…Student?
“…And it had a giant spaceship, and a robot, and a squeaky moose, and these long, hideous, black antennas growing out of its head!”
It was the next day, and Ed was describing his discovery from the night before to Eddy and Double D as they roamed the Peach Creek Jr. High halls. However, Eddy and Double D weren’t exactly interested…
“Ed, please, no more aliens,” said Double D. “I’m still recovering from our last episode…”
“Yeah, chill out, Lumpy,” said Eddy. “We got other things to worry about at the moment. Like, you know, our super-awesome ICE HOTEL!”
“Which, according to my calculations, it won’t be done before the spring thaw at the pace we’re working,” said Double D.
“WHAT?!” asked Eddy. “That’s not fair! That settles it! As soon as school gets out, we’re going right back into those woods and working twice as
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Invad-Ed Chapter 1
Chapter 1: A New Threat?
“Come on! Make it straighter!”
This is what Eddy was ordering Ed and Double D to do. The three boys were presently in the middle of the woods outside Peach Creek, making a scam unlike anything Eddy had thought of before.
“Eddy, are you sure the other kids will find this appealing?” asked Double D.
“Sure they would!” said Eddy. “Nobody can resist…” (Insert dramatic pause here) “…an ICE HOTEL!”
Double D had to admit; the structure he, Ed, and Eddy were currently working on was definitely impressive. It was growing so tall, they could see the tops of the snow-covered trees! It wasn’t like any igloo Double D had constructed in any past winters. And the water they were pouring onto the giant building made it even sturdier.
“Well, I do admit the structure is impressive…” said Double D. “But do you honestly think anyone would want to stay here overnight? And what about
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Invad-Ed: Prologue
Author’s Note: Well, this is my first fanfic for DeviantArt! Remember my drawing “Invad-Ed,” where I said I might make a fanfic based on the drawing? Well, here it is! If people think it’s good enough here, I’ll post it on I have a basic solid plot so far, but if anyone would like to give me any suggestions later on, I’m open to them! Also, this will include MAJOR spoilers for the “Cartoon Network Invaded” specials, so if you’ve never seen them, read at your own risk! Without further ado, as I say on, happy reading! ;)
Prologue: The Backstory of Things to Come
Somewhere in the U.S.A., a small town resides. This town is known as Peach Creek. At a first glance, it looks like a peaceful little town, where nothing exciting happens. However, looks are deceiving.
You see, three boys live in Peach Creek. Some call them entertaining; others call them pests. However, most people call them by th
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